Site Largely Stable Again

8 08 2010

I promised an update at the end of the weekend.

Subject to discussions with Andie, everything is now in it’s right place on the screen.  There is a lot of work to be done on colours and the layout of posts, but the site is at least usable again and everything I want from the old theme has now been migrated across.  There will be another minor hiccough over the next few days as I am about to remove more functionality from the theme into another new plugin.  It’s work which adds nothing directly to the site but a secondary aspect of the rebuild is to ensure that code is correctly modularised.  In the long term it will make the site easier to maintain and expand.

I’d guess it’ll now take Andie and I a couple of weeks to think about how we want the site to look within this structure so there might be few visible changes for a while.




3 responses

8 08 2010
George Stilwell

Great work Kate. We really appreciate the efforts you and Andie are making.


9 08 2010

I’m making almost no effort at all at this stage, except to buy Kate the odd beer here and there and say “go girl!”. Once the site design is what we both want, and Kate is happy with the fundamental stability of the solution, there will be a lot of work to do to populate the pages with content. Much of that was done early on but, inevitably, we will want to revisit it with the benefit of hindsight and revise some of our original content. It is all good fun and games, and I am glad that we are both honest enough to recognize when something we have pulled together jointly just isn’t really what either of us want – and then go back to the drawing board. I had no idea when we started out that it would be this fundamentally challenging on so many levels, but I am glad that we did start out because I have learned so much! Nothing could have been produced without Kate’s skill and dedication (for dedication read obsession, of course!).

9 08 2010

What Andie fails to mention is that when it comes to editing great content for the site, I am going to be hugely reliant on her 🙂

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