Hieroglyphs Update

14 04 2010

Andie and I may be close to signing off on a final design for the site.  If we do go with the current plan, technically it’s quite complex to implement.  That’s probably not a surprise: “good enough” isn’t something either of us is really comfortable with.  We want a strong, individual design even if it is hard to code.

I have also been working on the hieroglyphs.  I need to spend more time on cartouches as they don’t quite meet at the corners, but progress has been good.  As well as the basic, everyday glyphs I’ve a set of full colour glyphs as an alternative.  They are great for tutorials – I’m using them in the user guide I have started to write.  Even better, rotation is now available for all glyphs which moves us convincingingly beyond WikiHiero and most online solutions.

I have also started writing up development notes and release notes for each version.  It’s not necessary yet, but it is best practice.  It means I’ll be ready when I wish to release the code as plugin.  In practice that won’t be until the magazine has launched as I want to make sure everything is stable and working perfectly before I release the code.  Andie and I also want to benefit exclusively from our parser for a few months as well.




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