Quick Progress Report

14 02 2010

We’ve completed 60% of the user interface for Egyptological Online.  The main gaps are support for separate editions and authors.   As a consequence, page layout on the main screens is stabilising and we are getting deeper into design detail.  For instance the site banner is only a quick, temporary affair and will be replaced over the next 10 days, although it may iterate a few times after that.  As part of the header design, we will probably enhance the navigation menu as well.  Sidebar content and page herarchies are both still evolving.

We also need to “skin” the site.   During functional development we just dropped colours onto elements without much thought.  Egyptological Online should look much better once we have a fully matched colour scheme in place and have teaked some of the space settings.

There is, of course, no content yet (although there is some test content for development purposes).  We have listened to the comments  – thank you – on things like copyright and plagiarism so there are some areas in which we’ll be taking legal advice.  That inevitably means a delay and a May launch is under threat, but we have committed ourselves to do this right even if it means the first issue is later than we hoped.   The most important document for those of you who have said you will write for the magazine is the style guide which is in draft.  That won’t need any legal input so it should be the first formal content we release.  We will make an announcement when it is ready.




One response

17 02 2010

great to see that you are making progress, definately looking forward to the new site 🙂

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