Egyptological Magazine To Go Ahead

28 01 2010

As announced on our blogs, Andie and I have decided to go ahead with the plan for an Egyptological journal.     Our thanks to everybody who has offered support.  We will get back to you individually in due course.

This is a big project – and it is being managed as a project with a proper business planning document.  It’s going to be a lot of work and the article cycle can be protracted as anybody who has worked as an editor knows.  We are hoping to launch in May but until we check how this fits with the plans of prospective authors, that is only an aspirational date at this stage and may change.  We’ll post updates here as there are things to report – and a magazine is only part of our plans so stay tuned!




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28 01 2010
George Stilwell

Great news. Best of luck to the two of you.


29 01 2010
Nicole Hansen

I believe some amateurs can contribute a lot to the field, especially ones with some expertise in something non-Egyptological that gives them insight into Egyptology. That said, I would be concerned that this project will compartmentalize their work too much. It’s a bit of a catch-22. Unless the quality is the same as what one finds in traditional journals, it is likely to not be taken seriously and if it is of the quality of traditional journals it seems to me those people should be published in traditional journals where they would be treated with the seriousness they deserve.

My advice is to set standards that are as high as professional journals with an editorial board made up of professional Egyptologists who are willing to treat seriously the works of non-Egyptologists. People who are willing to give a little help in terms of references etc. to make ready for publication otherwise pretty solid articles by amateurs.

Another issue to be careful on is plagiarism. This may seem obvious but there are some sites with a lot of great articles on ancient Egypt “written” by amateurs until you dig a little deeper and realize they plagiarized their work from professional Egyptologists’ books and articles. I don’t think Egyptologists are even aware how much their work is plagiarized by certain sites and some big name publishers are too lazy to take any action against these plagiarizers and so we wind up with our work stolen. You must be careful to not allow this to happen as some amateurs may not be as aware of what plagiarism is and isn’t, or in some cases, not care.

29 01 2010

Thanks George. It’s going to be a lot of work but we are enjoying it so far!

29 01 2010
Claude Mariottini

I am not an Egyptologist, but I enjoy reading about Egypt. I wish you well in your desire to publish an online magazine on Egypt.

Claude Mariottini

3 02 2010

Thanks Claude

3 02 2010


One of the reasons it will take us to May or beyond before we get the first issue up is the amount of work involved. Part of that is visible in terms of building the site but in some ways that is the tip of the iceberg and the big task is drafting an editorial policy which is both robust but also suitable for people who are writing in their “spare” time.

We have decided against using the term “journal” for the reasons you outline. We want quality, but not necessarilly to full academic research standards. Other printed magazines take the same approach so we think it should work online as well.

Plagiarism is an issue and one the editorial policy will address. Copyscape can help although of course it can’t find re-writes in different words, and can only match against online help. There are no perfect answers and the best defence is awareness and dilligence – for instance asking questions if an article seems discordant with an author’s experience.

We appreciate your remarks

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