Egyptological Magazine Idea Floated

8 01 2010

We’ve both now floated the proposition on our blogs: Andie’s and mine.  We are getting plenty of comments on both blogs, which is great.  They really do help even if all they say is “we want it” 🙂

To make it easier, I’ve aggregated the comments from those two posts into the sidebar here so it’s possible to check just one place to see if there are new comments.  That’s mostly for my benefit of course ;), but other people might appreciate it as well.  The formatting is definitely on the ugly side, but for something which is only a temporary repeater, it’s not worth spending time doing anything fancy, sorry.


PS In the first attempt, I forgot to sort it by date.  I’ve added that into the aggregation program and hopefully when WordPress next updates the feed, it should be sorted with the newest at the top as we all want!




One response

9 01 2010
George Stilwell

Great Idea. I subscribe to Ancient Egypt in the PDF form, but I’d welcome another magazine especially one with the objectives you’ve proposed.

George Stilwell

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